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Reality Check Publishing has a standard that is unwavering: to take your best work, and make it even better – bringing results that you will always be satisfied with. There is an unmatched dedication and loyalty to providing you with the highest level of editorial, publishing, and freelance writing services.

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Let’s work together to build something great. Not only do great minds think alike, but they also build twice as much in a shorter period of time when there is a common goal.

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When you’re chasing after your dream, you will work for the hustle, but once you gain momentum, you can make your hustle work for you.

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Around age 7 or 8 I discovered a love for reading. My mother would take me to the library where I would check out no less than 8 books at a time. Within a week, I had read every single book. At that point, I would begin to get bored and would re-read those same books until it was time to return to the library.

What fascinates me about words is that they can be orchestrated in a way that can move mountains, open hearts and minds, change the world, and more importantly, change lives. This is where I come in. My love for words and storytelling has always been a very present force in my life – it is the reason I started Reality Check Publishing, LLC.

Storytelling is the one thing that connects the hearts of humanity. A good story will draw someone into its world. This has always fascinated me. It is why I want to help you tell your story in a way that you too, will draw your readers into your world – into your experience.


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